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I've only recently gotten into photography.

Summer 2019 - May 23rd to be exact!! - I invested in my very first and very own DSLR camera: a second-hand Canon Rebel T3i (Canon 600D).

It's gone on so many adventures with me, it's like I don't have to adventure alone anymore! :')

My camera shares my joys and prides, and I thought I'd share some of those with you as well ^~^

Pretty much none of these have actually been edited! I think there less than ten as of now.

It'll be noted on their descriptions if I have :)

Friends & Family

I love taking portraits!! Especially of my friends and family 😊


Animals are so spontaneous - so fun to take pictures of <3

Still Life

I love playing with light, shadow, bokeh (the background blur) and colours C':

Nature & Scenery

the Earth in all its beauty 🌿