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Support me!

I have so many hobbies that I would absolutely love to share them with you, to help capture meaningful moments in your life — whether that be through photos, videos, art, a song or a website! I also thought that I would offer my knowledge and skills in sustainable living as well as academics.

I am offering a pay-what-you-can rate for all my services, because I want to share my creative skills in a way that is accessible to everyone! I'm still learning within all these skills too, so it also allows for a more collaborative creation vibe. So instead of asking simply for support, this is a way I can give back! Please reach out if you have any questions :))

What you're going to be supporting: I will use the funds from these services to help me on my creative journey! I am looking to get a flash for my camera, a microphone to record better audio with, a light-weight and durable tripod, as well as some photo/video-editing software.

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