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I love creating music - whether it be writing and composing from scratch, re-writing lyrics often from another language into English, or simply covering a special song in my own style.

magical process of writing songs:

There is often a moment of inspiration, where I stumble for my

notepad app on my phone and messily type down lyric ideas. Sometimes,

it's just one line, waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to be weaved into

a verse, a chorus, bridge. Sometimes, lines from different inspirations

are knitted together -- as if they belonged to the same spool of yarn

in the first place, now finally reunited into blanket of words.


Most times, the rivers of lyrics swirl and splash and crash into each other, 

their rhythmic, dynamic waves creating new rivers downstream that flow.

Down, down, down the song they flow.

The melody carries its syllables swiftly and safely to shore.

Taylor Swift Medley (18 songs) - Live Version

Taylor Swift Medley (18 songs) - Live Version

It's finally done :'D I wanted to make a little appreciation video for Taylor Swift for her turning #thirTAY (thirTAYbirthTAY ๐ŸŽ‰) (ahahhahaaa which was on December 13th) but, here I am, a month and nine days late ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜… It's January 22nd, so let's just say...I'm #feelingtwentytwo amiright? :P I guess I've spent a while planning this. This medley contains 18 songs that mean a lot to me, for all kinds of different reasons. Since Grade 7, Taylor Swift has been there for all my ups and downs, her songs relatable through all of life's adventures. Each song on here has a special meaning to me, and I kind of explain a little bit of why they do ๐Ÿ˜Œ This recording is not perfect by far! It's my first time recording from this mic and using my audio equipment, and I definitely did not set it up in the best way LOL - oops. BASICALLY THE AUDIO SUCKS ๐Ÿ˜ญ But I'm planning on recording a studio version - so we'll try to be better for that one! ^^" It's my first time ever doing something like this, but definitely not gonna be the last :) Subscribe to my channel for new music & videos! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽถ ----- The songs included are: "Fearless" "A Place In This World" "Invisible" "I'd Lie" "Teardrops On My Guitar" "Stay Beautiful" "Jump Then Fall" "You Belong With Me" "Call It What You Want" "Enchanted" "The Other Side Of The Door" "Sparks Fly" "Cold As You" "Clean" "Cruel Summer" "Afterglow" "Lover" "Daylight" ...and "Change" - kind of. :'P (Honestly I wanted to include more songs (I have a whole list LOL!), but I figured 18 was long enough. XD) -------- The English essay I wrote about "Clean" that I mentioned during the video can be found here :P I'm gonna write a post on my blog ( detailing my behind-the-scenes work of this medley, hehe, so look forward to that too!! Follow me on my other platforms ๐Ÿ˜Š Website: Facebook: ๐Ÿ“ท Instagram: @adventureswithwildheart ~ Wildheart โค "every time you smile, I smile" ๐Ÿ’•
Try - Colbie Caillat (Cover for Mental Health Awareness)

Try - Colbie Caillat (Cover for Mental Health Awareness)

With Bell Let's Talk day coming up -- throwback to a song I did for a mental health showcase two years ago! ๐Ÿ‘‡ Below is an excerpt of what I wrote alongside the original post: ๐Ÿ‘‡ -------- "Today is March 21st (2018), meaning that it is almost two months after Bell Let's Talk day. Yep, I missed using the #BellLetsTalk hashtag...buuuut that just means I've missed donating 5 cents to Bell. That's it! :) It doesn't mean I won't talk about mental health. It doesn't mean I can't post something now to talk about mental health. Why does mental health awareness have to be confined to one day? People have struggles every day. People face challenges every day. Mental health happens every day. So we should be able to talk about it like it's normal, every day. Despite the increasing awareness about mental health (which is great, don't get me wrong), it's still uncomfortable sometimes talking about it. I mean it makes sense! It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out in front of others and to be vulnerable - no matter how accepting society is. Vulnerability isn't easy. I know how it feels to feel like people aren't really interested in what you're saying, or how it feels like to think that others think you're being weird and a bother (note the 'think's :P). But I also need to remember that people don't necessarily know that sometimes it takes a lot of my own courage to tell even a simple story (because to them, it may not!), so I need to not expect others to react like it. What does that mean? I realize maybe I am pretty sensitive. Maybe not to others' comments or actions towards me, but deeper than that - maybe it's about their support and interest, especially if it's about something that means a lot to me. I realize that I am someone who evaluates their self-worth based on external validation; meaning that I need validation in order to feel like what I'm saying or doing is good, okay, and/or right. I realize when I ask if something was okay - I'm not asking because I think/know it was okay; I'm asking because even though it probably was okay, I need someone to tell me it was so that I can believe it. If others don't say anything after I've decided to open up or do something out of my comfort zone, I tend to be drawn into questioning if I've said anything wrong, weird, not cool, or awkward. This has nothing to do with the other person though - they could've still thought it was good, but they just didn't know to communicate it. And that's okay - it's not their fault! They literally just don't know to, and wouldn't have done the same to anyone else either. It is not on them to decode my words and/or actions! It's me - I need to stop expecting from others what I give to others. Of course, I'll still continue to support and encourage and motivate everyone on their daily journeys, but just because *I* would give affirmation - whether that's in the form of a smile, a high five or with words - to someone else when I support them does not mean that others will too when they feel the same thing. And they likely do still feel the same thing. Just because they didn't know to communicate their support/interest externally does not mean that what I did/said was not good. Yep, I am working on telling myself that. :) Decreasing this self-doubt is a work in progress - telling myself that I don't need to seem perfect, it's okay to tell others my mistakes, it's okay to show my messy room or my pile of dirty dishes. It's okay. I know that progress will be slow, and sometimes I wish it could be faster, but I guess that's just with all things when it comes to self-improvement. I'm really grateful for all the people around me who've been a part of this journey. โค I've definitely learned so much this year. In posting this song, hopefully its message outweighs my embarrassment :) It's been my morning alarm for the past week. :P Regardless of what mental health means to you, I hope you know that you - yup, you reading this! ^~^ - are very valuable and special and honestly make someone else's day, every day โค You are the reason why someone else had a good day, and you should also be the reason why you yourself had a good day. :) Despite the title, I don't think that the song is about not trying. Still try!! Still try hard, but don't try so hard that you're getting overwhelmed. Still try to achieve your goals, but not goals so big that prevent you from starting. Try with a purpose, but make sure your purpose is genuine and actually for the better. Try, but take care of yourself at the same time too. :)" ----- Read my full post here: Follow me on my other platforms! ๐Ÿ˜Š Website: Facebook: Instagram: @adventureswithwildheart THANK YOUU FOR YOUR SUPPORTSSSS โคโค

Although I only have basic guitar and piano skills, it doesn't stop me from jamming to songs ^ ^

There are many songs that mean a lot to me, and so - I like to show my appreciation for them by covering them :'D

special covers

Special Covers

I've loved listening to songs in different languages for years. At first it was Japanese songs because of anime. Then it was Korean songs, simply because they're beautiful. And then there were some Chinese songs; back to my roots, amiright? Haha. Either way, I wanted a way to express my appreciation for these songs, and share the many feelings that they have given me. So I've started translating their lyrics into English, and writing English versions of the songs. Sometimes they take weeks, sometimes months -- and sometimes, close to a year to finalize. In a way, I've found my own way to give back to the song. So...enjoy :')

"that we'll smile till the very end, we'll meet again"


nostalgia | hope | gratitude

B1A4 - Road

"why am i so hard on myself, I just want to smile confidently"


confidence | inner beauty

Ugly - 2NE1


"can we continue laughing 'till we're crying 'till we don't know why"


reminiscence | apology

How Are You Now? - Eric Chou

"with my dream deep in my heart, I take a road trip in the dark"


empowerment | motivation

I - Taeyeon

"always trying to win the game of hide and seek oh, but never achieving"


serendipity | fate

Nandemonaiya - Radwimps

Three Lolly Pops

"i'm happy, really, i don't mind crying lakes"


mudita | letting go

I'm Happy -

Eric Chou

"when you're feeling down and think you're alone, just listen to this song"


rough day | encouragement

It's Okay - BTOB

"there is not a lot that i can do, except for being next to you"


care | warmth | love

When You Love Someone - DAY6

"I try to laugh, but I'm not happy when you're not"


longing | love

How To Find Love - CNU

"is it cause i was preoccupied with smiling, with laughing, crying, chasing all of my daydreams"


bittersweet | gratitude

A Little Happiness - Hebe Tian

I'm working on recording my covers!

It might be a little while, but patience -- I'll get there :)


I'll also be uploading them onto here

For now though, you can read my lyrics alongside listening to the original songs...magical in its own way.

original songs

original songs

coming soon


I'm not done this page yet!

I'll be adding more musical creations here - it's just been real busy :P I'm trying to make time though - so do check back soon!! :))

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