I love creating music - whether it be writing and composing from scratch, re-writing lyrics often from another language into English, or simply covering a special song in my own style.

magical process of writing songs: 

There is often a moment of inspiration, where I stumble for my

notepad app on my phone and messily type down lyric ideas. Sometimes,

it's just one line, waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to be weaved into

a verse, a chorus, bridge. Sometimes, lines from different inspirations

are knitted together -- as if they belonged to the same spool of yarn

in the first place, now finally reunited into blanket of words.

Most times, the rivers of lyrics swirl and splash and crash into each other, 

their rhythmic, dynamic waves creating new rivers downstream that flow.

Down, down, down the song they flow.

The melody carries its syllables swiftly and safely to shore.

 Although I only have basic guitar and piano skills, it doesn't stop me from jamming to songs ^ ^ 

There are many songs that mean a lot to me, and so - I like to show my appreciation for them by covering them :'D


Special Covers

I've loved listening to songs in different languages for years. At first it was Japanese songs because of anime. Then it was Korean songs, simply because they're beautiful. And then there were some Chinese songs; back to my roots, amiright? Haha. Either way, I wanted a way to express my appreciation for these songs, and share the many feelings that they have given me. So I've started translating their lyrics into English, and writing English versions of the songs. Sometimes they take weeks, sometimes months -- and sometimes, close to a year to finalize. In a way, I've found my own way to give back to the song. So...enjoy :')

"that we'll smile till the very end, we'll meet again"


nostalgia | hope | gratitude

B1A4 - Road

see song

"why am i so hard on myself, I just want to smile confidently"

confidence | inner beauty

Ugly - 2NE1

see song

"can we continue laughing 'till we're crying 'till we don't know why"

reminiscence | apology

How Are You Now? - Eric Chou

see song

"with my dream deep in my heart, I take a road trip in the dark"

empowerment | motivation

I - Taeyeon

see song

"always trying to win the game of hide and seek oh, but never achieving"

serendipity | fate

Nandemonaiya - Radwimps

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Three Lolly Pops

"i'm happy, really, i don't mind crying lakes"

mudita | letting go

I'm Happy -

Eric Chou

see song

"when you're feeling down and think you're alone, just listen to this song"

rough day | encouragement

It's Okay - BTOB

see song

"there is not a lot that i can do, except for being next to you"

care | warmth | love

When You Love Someone - DAY6

see song

"I try to laugh, but I'm not happy when you're not"

longing | love

How To Find Love - CNU

see song

"is it cause i was preoccupied with smiling, with laughing, crying, chasing all of my daydreams"

bittersweet | gratitude

A Little Happiness - Hebe Tian

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I'm working on recording my covers!

It might be a little while, but patience -- I'll get there :)

I'll also be uploading them onto here

For now though, you can read my lyrics alongside listening to the original songs...magical in its own way.


original songs

coming soon

I'm not done this page yet!

I'll be adding more musical creations here - it's just been real busy :P I'm trying to make time though - so do check back soon!! :))