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This page is far from done!! Check back soon!!

Photo by Luce L.

Photo by Sharan D.


Sustainability is one of my top values.


Since Grade 7, I have been actively involved in promoting environmental sustainability and an eco-conscious mindset - whether that be individually, within my peers, or as a community.

Why is #EarthDay every day? Read till the end to find out 🌿

my lifestyle in three words:


putting my values where my mouth is, three times a day.


living the fullest life while

leaving the least behind



happiness from within, without the planet's expense 



in one word: intentional.

"Green Gryphon 

  shines bright"

I was interviewed by the Ontarion for their Sustainability issue in 2018 - I share how I started going zero-waste, some tips and challenges, and some resources! 🌿

Photo by Luce L.

Photo by Sharan D.

Photo by Carolynn W.

why sustainability?

Honestly, let's aim to reach a point where that isn't even a question - because it really shouldn't be. 

It comes down to simply just taking responsibility for our existence

on this planet.

And - I am here to 

⭐ encourage and empower ⭐ just that :')

Photo by Luce L.

I truly believe

that living sustainably

is important, easy,

and fulfilling.

Gryphon Greenhouse Logo complete.tif

The Gryphon Greenhouse” is an initiative I created to revolutionize sustainability at the University of Guelph. From a place of understanding, empowerment and community, The Gryphon Greenhouse aims to foster environmental sustainability as a personal value within every single person on campus.

It's currently on a little hiatus, but you bet I'll be coming back to it :')

Check out the Greenhouse here! 🌱

My friends, I'm still working on this page!

There is a lot that I want to add and include here, so do check back soon! :)

In the meantime, I will be posting my #sustainabilityjourney on my social media stories, so make sure to check those out!!


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