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Wildheart Land - profile 5.png
Purple Sky

Wildheart Land

Wildheart Land - profile 5.png
Wildheart Land - profile 6.png

I am sooo excited to launch Wildheart Land, a little art world that I'm creating! :)

I've always wanted to create comics and me being able to build and share this world makes me so happy :')

Join Wildheart and her friends as they explore their world together - with all its ups and downs, wisdoms and insights, and most of all, the little joys of friendship.

follow their adventures here! 

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or, see through below for my comics - newest first :)

Color Stain

🌟 every night I can see them light up the sky, it's like they're saying "hi"

Wildheart Land - constellations! final u
Wildheart Land - constellations! final b
Wildheart Land - constellations! final b

Special version for Bethany "Boat" Yan 💜

keep shining, keep sailing ⛵

This piece means so much to me, for separate reasons.

Losing someone is never easy, regardless of whether they're a family member, a friend, a partner, a teammate, a pet, someone who made a difference in your life, or vice versa. Sometimes they leave to be up with the stars, and sometimes they just leave your life in other ways - and whatever way they leave, whether intentional or unintentional; mutual or unrequited; gradual or sudden; unexpected or expected; acknowledged or implicit; with or without closure - you may still feel it. 


But they still shine, whether on Earth or with the stars.⠀

Full blog post here ​⭐

I made a few versions, all of which you can download:

Ursa Major (Original) Version:

Square | Computer Wallpaper

Ursa Major Version (without words):

Square | Computer Wallpaper | Phone Wallpaper

Beth (Boat)'s Version:

Square | Computer Wallpaper

Beth (Boat)'s Version (without words):

Square | Computer Wallpaper | Phone Wallpaper

How did I draw this? Watch my making-video here! 🎨


To honour Beth, I have also made a Music & Lyric Video for "Supermarket Flowers" by Ed Sheeran 💜 coming soon!

((also, the title mayyyy be lyrics for a special little project too! ;) hehe stay tunedddd 🎶))

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