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Academic support


1-2 hour sessions


In all my schooling years, I have achieved academic excellence and success. In high school, I was an Ontario Scholar having graduated with a 97% average alongside Honours French Immersion and a Latin Certificate. I completed my undergraduate degree majoring in Bio-Medical Sciences and minoring in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences with a cumulative average grade of 90.00% alongside being on the Dean’s Honours List each semester and receiving the College Roll of Distinction Award. I received my Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization with a 90.7% average, and received the only "110/110 cum Laude" grade upon completion of my Master in the Management of Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG).

I am very knowledgeable in mathematics (including calculus) and the sciences (biology, chemistry and physics), and would love to support you academically through them!

During my high school years I also went to weekly Advance Placement (AP) classes, where I completed my AP examinations with a 5 in AP Calculus, 4 in AP Biology and 4 in AP Chemistry.

Prior experience:

I have been in PALS (Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies) my whole middle school years, and was a Peer Tutor all of high school. I also shared my notes during university as a Volunteer Note Taker! I have plenty of experience helping others through academics, in various different subjects.

Why I want to do this: Honestly, I love educating others and believe that quality education is one of the most important things we could do. Having fun with learning, learning for purpose and understanding (not just grades), and connecting with the knowledge are just some of my guiding principles when I teach others!

Pricing: I am offering a pay-what-you-can rate for all my services, because I want to share my creative skills in a way that is accessible to everyone! I'm still learning within all these skills too, so it also offers a more collaborative creation vibe. If you're interested, please just contact me! 😊


Below is a list of academic-related awards I have received!

University of Guelph:

✓ University of Guelph College of Biological Sciences Roll of Distinction 2015 – 2019

✓ University of Guelph Dean’s Honours List 2015 – 2019

Leaside High School:

✓ Alumni Association Scholarship (2015)

✓ David Stickney Memorial Award for Excellence in Mathematics (2015)

✓ Rocky Yeung Memorial Award for Excellence in Latin (2015)

✓ University of Toronto National Biology Competition - top school-wide contestant (2015)

✓ Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar; 5 in AP Calculus, 4 in AP Biology and 4 in AP Chemistry (2014)

✓ University of Waterloo Competitions

  • Top school-wide contestant - Avogadro Chemistry Contest (2014)

  • Top 25% - Cayley Mathematics Contest (2013)

  • Top 25% - Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest 2013

  • Bronze Standard - Galois Mathematics Contest 2013

  • OAPT (Ontario Association of Physics Teachers) Grade 11 Physics Contest - 77th percentile 2014

✓ Ontario Student Classics Conference

  • Latin Comprehension & Grammar - 3rd Place (2015)

✓ Ontario Junior Classical League Certamen (Latin competition)

  • Intermediate Level - 4th Place (2014)

  • Junior Level - 4th Place (2013)

  • Junior Level - 5th Place (2012)

✓ Science Award - Female (2013)

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! :))

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