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New year, *better* me. 😌

New year, same me - haha jkk. New year, ✨ better ✨ me. 😌

How do I even begin to describe this year? It's been filled with many smiles, laughter, fun - but also much sorrow, frustration, tears, and pain. I found home, but I also found goodbyes. I changed jobs towards my career path but I also changed friendship directions. I graduated from my Masters but I was also graduated from spaces that once held me.

This year, I have been pushed like never before, I many ways. I was pushed to evaluate what's important to me. I was pushed to grow before I knew how to, and to learn things I thought I already knew. Sometimes I enjoyed the push, but many times it was disheartening and confusing.

One thing for sure though, is that I understand myself a little better. I used to think and disempower myself because I was told I was too influenced by other people's opinions, and let myself be swayed easily. I thought of myself as someone who didn't have her own opinions, someone who gives in easily, and someone who is wishy-washy, willy-nilly.

For sure, I am all of that in most situations: Ask me where I want to go for food, and I won't be able to tell you an answer, saying "wherever you want!" with a genuine smile instead because to me, the company is what matters, not the food. Tell me passionately about a cause you believe in, and I'll likely have that passion echoed within me from then on. Ask me a polarized question and I won't have an answer for you, but I would listen to either sides with great empathy for both.

But when it comes down to my integrity and my values, those are not going anywhere. 🧡 My integrity to be kind does not only apply to people I already love, but to humanity. My value for sustainability does not apply only when its convenient, it's my lifestyle that underpins my every decision. My passion for education does not apply only to causes I work towards, it applies to all causes that benefit the world. My friendliness does not apply only to my established friends, it is something I embody when I consider the world my friend.

I have recognized that I have very strong values, and even if I can be swayed by passionate people about opinions, perspectives, and methods - I will not sway when it comes to values.

So here's to a year (and life) of living, leading, learning, growing and loving through my values. Here's to being more communicative about what's important to me, more thoughtful about commitments that matter to me, and more expressive about what makes me happy.

😌 I got a push to grow, so grow I shall. I am going to grow in my own way, to be more responsible to both myself and those around me; to show empathy and care in a way that more effectively communicates it; and to hold myself more accountable for tendencies I fall into that can be hurtful. I'm grateful for this growing opportunity.

And heyyo. 👋 I started Adventures with Wildheart so that I can take the world alongside my adventures - whatever they are. Right now, my adventures involve a lot of growing, in all the ways. I am excited to take you on my growing, learning and being journey, and I hope you stay for the ride.

✏️ I will be starting "Meaningful Mondays" - posts that are meaningful to me and that I hope create meaning to you as well :') This is the first post, woot! 💝

Thank you all so much for being here, and I am so excited to share this next adventure with you.

With love, gratitude, hope and joy,

~ Wildheart 🐾

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